Privacy and personal data
At Lynk Training we take your privacy very seriously. In order to provide access to the
service we must collect and store some personal information about you.

Who Are We
Lynk Taxis, Newmarket Square, Dublin 8. Phone +353 1 473 1333
Children under 16 years of age are not permitted to access the services provided by By agreeing to this privacy policy you
are also agreeing that you are 16 years of age or older.
What is collected?
Basic profile information is collected from you when your account is created including your full name
and email address.
As you use the site, information about the users, courses, activities and resources you interact with
will also be stored and linked to your profile information.
How is this information used?
This information is only used to provide you access to the online courses at Statistical information about usage of
the site is also used to improve the site and services provided on the website.
Who can I contact?
The data protection officer for Lynk Training may be contacted at
Who is my data shared with?
We do not share the information stored on with any other company.
How long is my data stored?
Your personal data is stored as long as you are enrolled in one or more online courses at Course data is deleted 6 months after the end date for each course and profile information will be deleted when an account has not been accessed for 12 consecutive months.
How do I withdraw my consent for Lynk Training to store and process my personal data?
If you have previously consented to allow Lynk Training to store and process your
personal data in accordance with this privacy policy, and you wish to withdraw your consent, please
send an email to the data protection officer at You will no longer be able to
access the services provided by if your consent is withdrawn.
How do I request that my personal data is corrected or erased?
You may make corrections to your basic profile information by logging into the and editing your own profile. If you have questions, or would like any other data to be corrected or erased, please send an email to the data protection officer at
How do I request a record of all my personal data that has been collected?
You may request a record of all of the personal data relating to you that has been collected in
accordance with this privacy policy. To do so, please send an email to the data protection officer at
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